Compact Muon Solenoid

The Ohio State University

Ohio State CMS Group

Faculty: L.S. Durkin, C. Hill, R. Hughes, B. Winer

Research Scientists: B. Bylsma, K. Kotov, D. Puigh, C. Vuosalo, W. Wulsin,J. Antonelli

Graduate Students: J. Brinson, A. Hart, B. Liu, M. Rodenburg, G. Smith


               The photograph shown above was displayed on the cover of Science Magazine (March 2007). It shows a portion of the CMS detector, a 1200 metric ton endcap muon disk, being lowered into the experimental hall 100 meters below the surface. In the picture, 72 of the 468 muon chambers are visible as the copper colored trapezoidal boxes. The Ohio State electronics are mounted within electrostatic shielding on the large end of each chamber. The blue cables pictured carry the electronics signals to the data acquisition system.