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The default time and place is Monday @ 3:30pm, in Room 4138 PRB.
Exceptions are noted in red.

Autumn Semester 2012

Aug 2 Akin Wingerter
A Minimal Model of Neutrino Flavor
Thursday @ 2:00pm
Sep 10 Lukas Witkowski

Spring Quarter 2012

Mar 26 Mu Chun Chen
(UC Irvine)
MNS and CKM Matrices and a Geometrical Origin of CP Violation in a SUSY SU(5) x T' Model
2:30pm; PRB Smith Auditorium
- Remote talk -
Mar 27 Michael Ratz
(TU Munich)
Mu problem and nu masses
Tuesday @ 2:30pm; PRB Smith Auditorium
- Remote talk -
Apr 3 Michael Ziolkowski
Reliability Studies of the Light Emitting Laser Diode (VCSEL) in the Optical Link of the ATLAS Pixel Detector
Tuesday @ 11:00am; M2035
Apr 9 Homer Wolfe
Direct Searches for the Standard Model Higgs Boson at the Tevatron
Apr 18 Graham Ross
Whither SUSY?
Wednesday @ 3:30pm; M2035
Apr 25 Chris Monahan
(William and Mary)
B Physics, Lattice QCD and Lattice Perturbation Theory
Wednesday @ 3:30pm; M2035
Apr 30 Sean Fleming
(Univ. of Arizona)
Factorization in Quarkonium Production
May 14 Dmitry Podolsky
(Case Western Reserve)
Prethermalization of Hawking radiation

Winter Quarter 2012

Jan 6 Tao Liu
Hunting for the Higgs
Jan 9 Andrey Katz
SUSY, the Third Generation and the LHC

Autumn Quarter 2011

Aug 4 Jihn E Kim (Seoul National Univ.) Weak and strong CP
Sep 12 Christoph Luedeling (Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics) The Potential Fate of Local Model Building
Oct 3 Nathaniel Craig (IAS) (De)constructing a Natural Supersymmetric Standard Model
Oct 10 Adam Martin (FNAL) W+jets, the Tevatron, and Technicolor
Oct 17 Nausheen Shah
Determining the Structure of Supersymmetry-Breaking with Renormalization Group Invariants
Oct 24 Yang Bai (SLAC) Nonstandard Dark Matter Signatures at the LHC
Oct 31 Matthew Reece (Harvard) Stealth Supersymmetry
Nov 7 Brock Tweedie
(Boston University)
Azimuthal Decay Correlations of Top Quarks at the LHC
Nov 14 Piyush Kumar (Columbia University) Baryon Asymmetry & DM from Electroweak Physics
Nov 21 Pavel Fileviez Perez (CCPP) The Fate of M-parity, Dark Matter and Supersymmetry at the LHC
Nov 28 Asimina Arvanitaki (LBL) The Principle of Plenitude
Dec 5 Matthew Buckley (FNAL) The CDF Excess: Z', Dark Forces, and Future Tests
Dec 12 Linda Carpenter
(UC Irvine)
The Phenomenology of Anti-Split Supersymmetry
Dec 13 Renat Ishmukhametov
Photon physics on ATLAS: prompt photon measurement and Higgs search
Tuesday @ 11:30am
Dec 14 Daniel Feldman (Michigan) The Scale of New Physics: Symmetries, Dark Matter & the LHC
Wednesday @ 2:30pm

Spring Quarter 2011

Mar 28 James Beatty (OSU) Spectrum, Composition, and Interactions of Joule-energy Cosmic Rays
Apr 4 Wells Wulsin (Stanford) Charmless semileptonic B decays and the measurement of |Vub| at BaBar (PRB 2115)
Apr 11 Jing Shao (Syracuse) Finding a Higgs decaying to four jets in events with missing energy
Apr 18 Tom Hartman (IAS) Minimal Holography: Higher Spin Gravity from 2d CFTs
Apr 25 Diana Vaman (Virginia) Real-time AdS/CFT and applications: jet quenching, and the hydrodynamic limit
May 2 Jure Zupan (Cincinnati) Flavor symmetries and experimental heavy quark anomalies
May 9 Stuart Raby (OSU) Problems for the MSSM (PRB M2015)
May 16 Aalok Misra (IITR) Large Volume Cosmo-Pheno Reconciliation, mu-Split SUSY and Ricci-flat Swiss Cheese Metrics
May 23 Chris Bouchard
(U. of Illinois)
The Hadronic Contribution to B mixing in the Standard Model and Beyond
May 30 Memorial day

Winter Quarter 2011

Jan 3 Nathan Triplett (Iowa State Univ.) Measurement of the t-channel single-top cross section at DØ
Jan 10 Gabriel Facini (Northeastern) The Road to the Higgs in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(1.96) TeV
Jan 17 Martin Luther King day
Jan 24
Jan 31 Heechang Na (OSU) CKM physics and Lattice QCD
Feb 7
Feb 14 Joseph Marsano
(U. of Chicago)
Hypercharge Flux, Exotics, and Constraints on F-theory GUTs with U(1) Symmetries
Feb 21 Francisco Yumiceva (FNAL) Search for new physics with top pairs in CMS
Feb 28 Djordje Minic
(Virginia Tech)
String Theory and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics
Mar 7

Autumn Quarter 2010

Sep 27 Pierre Artoisenet (OSU) Automation of the matrix element reweighting method.(3:30pm PRBM 2015)
Oct 4 DOE site visit
Oct 11
Oct 18 Scott Willenbrock
(U. of Illinois)
Effective-Field-Theory Approach to Top-Quark Production and Decay
Oct 19 (Tue) Sumit Das
(U. of Kentucky)
Quantum Quench and Holography (3:30pm PRBM 2035)
Oct 25 Sandip Trivedi (Tata Institute) Holography of Extremal Dilaton Black Holes
Nov 1 Archana Anandakrishnan (OSU) Gauge Coupling Unification in Heterotic String Models with Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking
Nov 9 (Tue) Yu-Chieh Chung (Texas A&M) Spectral Covers and non-abelian Fluxes in F-theory GUTs (11:30am PRBM 2015)
Nov 15 Sogee Spinner (Wisconsin) The Fate of R-Parity
Nov 22 Tony Gherghetta (Stanford) Beyond the SM in a slice of AdS
Nov 29 Taku Izubuchi (BNL) Studies of the pseudoscalar mesons including isospin symmetry breakings using lattice QCD+QED

Spring Quarter 2010

Mar 29
Apr 5 Enrico Lunghi (Indiana) High Precision Flavor Physics
Apr 12 Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern) Phenomenological Aspects of Charged Lepton Flavor Violation (Monday 4:30pm PRBM 4138)
Apr 19 Scott Watson (Michigan) A Unified Approach to Cosmic Acceleration
Apr 26 Volker Braun
(Dublin IAS)
Computing Calabi-Yau metrics and Hermitian Yang-Mills connections
May 3 Harald Fritzsch (Universitaet Muenchen) Flavor Mixing, Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Oscillations
May 10
May 17 Jong-Chul Park
(Korea IAS)
Dirac gaugino as leptophilic dark matter
May 24 Samir Mathur (OSU) Proof that fuzzballs are essential for quantum unitarity
May 31 Memorial Day

Winter Quarter 2010

Jan 11
Jan 25 Yevgeny Kats (Harvard) Bound states at the LHC (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Feb 1 Paul McGuirk (Wisconsin) A Holographic Perspective on Strongly Coupled Messengers (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Feb 8 Richard Hill (Chicago) SU(3)/SU(2): the simplest WZW term. (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Feb 15 Alexei Bazavov (Arizona) Studies of QCD on the lattice with Highly Improved Staggered Quarks (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Feb 22 Christopher Aubin (Wiliam & Mary) Partially Distilled Delta Form Factors (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Mar 1 Radovan Dermisek (Indiana) Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, the Higgs boson and New Physics at the LHC (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Mar 8 Sonny Mantry (Wisconsin) Higgs Boson Distributions from Effective Field Theory (Monday 3:30pm PRB4138)
Mar 11 Borun Chowdhury (Amsterdam) The dynamics of D1-D5 system: Hawking Radiation, Ergoregion Instability and Quasinormal Modes (Thursday 3:30pm PRBM 2015)