OSU Department of Physics
Physics Education Research Seminar

2005-2006 Academic Year

Fall Quarter 2005

17 Oct, PRB 4138 Rebecca Lindell
(Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
A Methodology for Developing Concept Inventories (abstract)
24 Oct, PRB 4138 Heidi Kloos
(University of Cincinnati)
Interlinking physical beliefs: childrens' bias towards logical congruence (abstract)
7 Nov, PRB 1136 YeounSoo Kim
(The Ohio State University)
Using iCARE for monitoring cognitive conflict and anxiety in physics classes (abstract)
14 Nov, PRB 4138 Aaron Warren
(Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
Evaluation as a Means for Learning Physics (abstract)
21 Nov, PRB 4138 Julie Libarkin
(Ohio University)
Rasch Analysis and the Development of the Geoscience Concept Inventory (abstract)

Winter Quarter 2006

13 Feb, PRB 1136 Saalih Allie
(University of Capetown)
Teaching measurement and uncertainty in the freshman physics laboratory (abstract)
20 Feb, PRB 1080 John Opfer
(Ohio State University)
Development of Numerical Estimation: Evidence for Adaptive Choice in Representations of Numerical Quantity (abstract)
27 Feb, PRB 1080 Kathy Trundle
(Ohio State University)
Fourth Grade Elementary Students' Conceptions of Standards-based Lunar Concepts (abstract)
6 Mar, PRB 1080 Paula Engelhardt
(Tenessee Tech)
The Force Concept Inventory and other diagnostics . What do they really tell us? (abstract)

Spring Quarter 2006

1 May, PRB 4138 Steve Kanim
(Dept of Physics, New Mexico State U)
Population differences and PER-based modifications to physics instruction (abstract)
8 May, PRB 4138 Noah Finkelstein
(Dept of Physics, Univ of Colorado)
New Tools, Traditional Contexts: examining the potential of computer simulations for undergraduate education. (abstract)
22 May, PRB 4138 Michael Lopresto
(Dept of Physics, Henry Ford Community College)
On the transition to active & collaborative learning in introductory astronomy (abstract)