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Physics Education Research Seminar

For the Winter 2009 quarter, PER Seminars are usually held on Thursdays at 1230 in 1020 Physics Research Building (PRB). There are some exceptions for visiting speakers where the rooms and times are different. The room for each talk is indicated along with the date in the schedule below. Note that we do not have a seminar every week, and not all seminars are on the schedule below.

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Autumn Quarter 2008

7 Oct
PRB 4138
Ken Heller
University of Minnesota, Dept of Physics
Educational Change - A Systems Approach (abstract)
14 Oct
*Note different time*
PRB 1136
Hendrik Notarp
University of Essen, Germany
Using concept mapping to represent the content and structure of physics curricula in Germany
28 Oct
PRB 4138
Dave Maloney
Indiana University- Purdue Univeristy Fort Wayne, Dept of Physics
Teaching Problem Solving: What, How and Why? (abstract)

Winter Quarter 2009

26 Jan
PRB 1080
Ruth Chabay
North Carolina State University, Dept of Physics
Physics for the Life Sciences: Fundamental Principles, Models, and Emergent Behavior (abstract)
23 Feb
PRB 1080
Edward (Joe) Redish
University of Maryland, Dept of Physics
Sense-Making in Physics Viewed through the Lens of Cognitive Semantics (abstract)

Spring Quarter 2009

20 April
(NOTE special day)
Time: 1:30pm
Location PRB 4138
Carl Wenning
Illinois State University , Dept of Physics
Physics Teacher Education ~ Problems and Solutions (abstract)
5 May
PRB 4138
William Boone
University of Miami (Ohio) Dept of Educational Psychology
Bringing Scientific Measurement to Science Education Research (abstract)

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