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Autumn Quarter 2009

8 Oct
time: 1:30 pm
PRB 1080 (note room change)
Knut Neumann
University of Kiel, Leibniz Institute for Science Teaching, Germany
Development of students' physics knowledge in high school (abstract)

Winter Quarter 2010

26 Jan
PRB 1136
Aaron Warren
Purdue University North Central, Dept of Physics
Quantitative Small-N Methodologies (abstract)
9 March
PRB 1080
Ronald Thornton
Tufts University, Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching
Using Real-Time Data Display to Improve Conceptual Understanding and Spatial Visualization Ability (abstract)
15 March
PRB 4138
Richard Steinberg
City College of New York
A new approach to improving science teacher education in an urban environment (abstract)

Spring Quarter 2010

12 April
Time: 1:00pm
PRB 4138
Sanjay Rebello
Kansas State University , Dept of Physics
Representational Competence in Learning and Problem Solving in Physics Education (abstract)
3 May
PRB 4138
Andrew Boudreaux
Western Washington University , Dept of Physics
Examining how students reason with multiple variables (abstract)
24 May
PRB 4138
Eric Loken
Penn State University , Dept of Human Development and Family Studies
Do Our Tests Make the Grade? Evaluating multiple choice assessments in large STEM classes (abstract)

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