Mohit Randeria



Professor                                                                                           Office: 2024 Physics Research Building

Department of Physics                                                                     Phone: 614 292 2457

The Ohio State University                                                                 Fax:      614 292 7557

191 W. Woodruff Avenue                                                                  email:

Columbus, OH 43210


B.Tech,   Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (1980)

M.S.,      California Institute of Technology (1982)
Ph.D.,     Cornell University (1987)

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    Research: Condensed Matter Theory

    I work in the general area of condensed matter physics, whose goal is
    to gain insights into the complex behavior of macroscopic systems of
    many interacting particles. My current research focuses on:

    •  strongly correlated systems

    •  many-body physics in cold atomic systems

    •  complex oxides: magnetism in double perovskites

    •  high temperature superconductivity  

    •   photoemission spectroscopy


    My research is funded by:

        NSF: Strong correlations in complex materials and cold atoms [2007 - 11]

        ARO: Strong correlations in optical lattices (co-PI with N. Trivedi) [2008 - 11]  


    NSF-MRSEC: IRG-2 on Complex oxides: Double Perovskites (co-PI) [2008 -14]

        DOE: Spectroscopies of correlated materials [2010 - 13]



    Current Teaching (Autumn 2011): Condensed Matter Physics 880.06

    Previous Courses:

    827 Quantum Mechanics I     828 Quantum Mechanics II   829 Quantum Mechanics III 


    Useful links:
    OSU Physics Colloquium
    Condensed Matter Theory at OSU

    APS journals

    cond-mat ArXive



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