(Everything is provided in PDF format.)

These samples are offered as a diagnostic;
a rough measure of your understanding.

Always bear in mind these samples are not contracts.
The actual quizzes and exams can be different in both style, content and difficulty.

Give yourself 15 minutes to work the quizzes and 108 minutes to work the exams.
Don't use your notes or the text; don't work with anyone.
If you can't work them under these conditions, you're probably not ready!

Sample Quizzes
Answers to selected questions may be obtained here.
Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4

Quiz 5

Quiz 6

Quiz 7

Quiz 8


Midterm Equation Sheet
Sample Midterm       Solution


Final Exam Equation Sheet

 Sample Final       Solution

  Sample Final (from 3:30 lecture section)