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Student Dissertations and Theses

PhD Dissertations for which I served as Chair or co-Chair

University of the West Indies, Trinidad

Year Student My Role Department Title of Dissertation
1982 Lise Winer Chair Lang/Ling An analysis of errors in the written composition of Trinidadian English Creole speakers.
1990 Valerie Youssef Co-chair Lang/Ling The acquisition of language skills by some Trinidadian children: An integrative approach to VP development.

The Ohio State University

Year Student My Role Department Title of Dissertation
1997 Hyeonseok Kang Chair Linguistics Phonological variation in glides and diphthongs of Seoul Korean : its synchrony and diachrony.
1998 Bettina Migge Chair Linguistics Substrate influence in the formation of the Surinamese Plantation Creole : a consideration of sociohistorical data and linguistic data from Ndyuka and Gbe.
1998 Tracey Weldon Chair Linguistics Exploring the AAVE-Gullah connection: A comparative study of copula variability.
2001 Steve Keiser Co-chair Linguistics Language change across speech islands: The emergence of a Midwestern dialect of Pennsylvania German.
2003 Shelome Gooden Co-chair Linguistics The phonology and phonetics of Jamaican Creole reduplication.
2004 Michelle Ramos-Pellicia Co-chair Linguistics Language contact and dialect contact: Cross-generational phonological variation in a Puerto Rican community in the Midwest of the United States.
2005 Robin Dodsworth Chair Linguistics Linguistic variation and sociological consciousness.
2005 Wes Collins Chair Linguistics Centeredness as a cultural and grammatical theme in Maya-Mam.
2008 Ila Nagar Chair Linguistics Language and identity: The case of Kotis in Lucknow, India.
2013 David Durian Chair Linguistics A new perspective on vowel variation across the 20th century in Columbus Ohio.
2013 Marivic Lesho Chair Linguistics The phonetics and phonology of the Cavite Chabacano vowel system.

PhD dissertations for which I served as Member of the committee

Year Student Department Title of Dissertation
1997 Claudia Kurz Linguistics Function words and simplification in contact varieties of German.
2000 Elizabeth Strand Linguistics Gender stereotype effects in speech processing.
2000 Jette Hanson Education Social and linguistic constraints on the acquisition of an L2 phonology.
2001 Panayiotis Pappas Linguistics Weak object pronoun placement in later medieval and early Modern Greek.
2004 Khadar Bashir-Ali Education The invisible minority: the academic, linguistic, social, and cultural integration of refugee students in the public schools in Italy and the U.S.: a comparative study.
2004 Charlotte Schaengold Linguistics Bilingual Navajo: mixed codes, bilingualism, and language maintenance.
2005 Huey Hannah Lin EALL Contextualizing linguistic politeness in Chinese: A socio-pragmatic approach with examples from persuasive sales talk in Taiwan Mandarin.
2007 JuYoung Song Education Language ideologies and identity: Korean children’s language socialization in a bilingual setting.
2008 Stacey Wallen Speech and Hearing Vowel production abilities of Haitian American children.
2008 Jing Yan EALL Social variation of vernacular written Cantonese in Guangzhou (Canton City), China.
2010 Sarah Sinnot Spanish and Portuguese Address Forms in Peninsular Spanish: Convention and Implicature.
2010 Sandro Sessarego Spanish and Portuguese Aspects of the syntax of the Afro-Bolivian Spanish Determiner Phrase.
2011 Yolanda Holt Speech and Hearing A cross generational dialect study in western North Carolina.
2012 Liping Su Teaching and Learning Language Socialization of Chinese Children in the American Midwest: Learning to Write in American Preschool, Chinese Sunday School, and at Home.
2013 Daniela Salcedo Spanish and Portuguese Tracing Andeanness away from the Andes: Language Attitudes and Linguistic Ideologies in Lima, Peru.
current Abby Walker Linguistics Identity constraints on prime/topic-based intra-person variation in production and perception.
current Jane Mitsch Linguistics Linguistic and Political Borders in Senegal and The Gambia.
current Daniela Salcedo Education Language choice in Chinese Heritage Language classrooms: An Ethnographic study.

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