LING 5050: Technical tools for linguists, Maysession 2016

Every week day 10:00-11:50
Hagerty Hall 186

Instructors: Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Office hours: Monday 1:00-2:00 or by appointment
Ohio Stadium East, room 118E

Note that schedule is subject to change.
Homeworks that have to be turned in are due by class time (10:00) on their due date.

Unit 1: Basic data manipulations
Case study: Do women talk more than men?
W 5/11 Introduction (slides)
Unix: Navigating directories and counting (pdf)
Exercise 1
Th 5/12 Python: Introduction and Processing a sentence (pdf)Exercise 2
F 5/13 Python: Processing a file (pdf)Exercise 3
M 5/16 Python: Decision making (pdf) Exercise 4
T 5/17 Python: Processing multiple filesHomework 1
Unit 2: Reading text and counting words
Case study: Investigating Zipf's law
W 5/18 Python: Parallel lists (pdf) Exercise 5
Th 5/19 Python: Parallel listsExercise 6
Exercise 7
F 5/20 Python: Dictionaries (pdf)Exercise 8
M 5/23 R: Plotting (pdf), Homework discussionKodi's ggplot tutorialHomework 2
Unit 3: R and Praat scripting
Case study: Extracting measurements to make vowel space plots
T 5/24 Data manipulation in R (pdf)Dative paper "Recording" part of the Praat notes
W 5/25 Praat: Annotation (pdf)Sec. 11 of Styler's Praat tutorial Finish your annotations
Th 5/26 Praat: ScriptingAutomatic annotation
F 5/27 Plotting and analysis, Homework discussionHomework 3
Unit 4: Dealing with linguistic structured representations
Case study: Which verbs allow the dative alternation?
T 5/31 Reading a treebank (pdf)
W 6/1Searching a treebank
Th 6/2 Internationalization Please fill in SEIs!