OSU Department of Physics
Physics Education Research Seminar

2004-2005 Academic Year

Fall Quarter 2004

4 October Albert A. Bartlett
(University of Colorado)
Recollections from Los Alamos
25 October Vladimir Sloutsky
(Cognitive Development Lab, The Ohio State University)
How to use the science of learning for learning of science
1 November Lei Beo
The Ohio State University)
Cognitive representations for educational measurement and modeling (abstract)
15 November Paula Heron
(University of Washington)
What Makes Physics Education Research Useful and Influential? (abstract)
22 November Richard Robinett
(Penn State University)
Assessment of student understanding in quantum mechanics informing the development of novel problems and visualization methods (abstract)
6 December David Brookes and Eugenia Etkina
(Rutgers University)
Developing and ASsessing Scientific Abilities with Video Problems (abstract)

Winter Quarter 2005

24 January E. Leonard Jossem
(The Ohio State University)
Retrospective on Physics Education and Research: Aristotle to Arons (abstract)
31 January Andrew Heckler
(The Ohio State University)
Testing student learning: is the normalized gain valid? (abstract)
7 February Gordon Aubrecht
(The Ohio State University)
The 2003 Blackout: What happened. What physics was involved? (abstract)
21 February Bruce Sherwood
(North Carolina State University)
Some Surprising Aspects of Introductory Mechanics (abstract)
7 March Chandralekha Singh
(University of Pittsburgh)
Student understanding of quantum mechanics (abstract)

Spring Quarter 2005

4 April Ruth Chabay
(North Carolina State University)
Computing in the Introductory Physics Course (abstract)
18 April Andrew Heckler
(The Ohio State University)
Cognition and Physics Learning (abstract)
25 April Florin Bocaneala
(The Ohio State University)
Teaching, Learning, and Mythical Birds
2 May MacKenzie Stetzer
(University of Washington)
New Insights into Student Understanding of Electric Circuits (abstract)
16 May Paul Wendel
(Copley High School)
The Constructivist Metaphor in Physics Education Research: An Alternative
23 May Homeyra Sadaghiani
(The Ohio State University)
Students' Conceptual and Mathematical Difficulties with Quantum Wave Functions (abstract)
6 June Scott Franklin and Lisa Hermsen
(Rochester Institute of Technology)
Can Students Write to Learn? Exploring Student Writing in Physics (abstract)
24 June Robert Beichner
(North Carolina State University)
Instructional Technology (abstract)