Dept. of Chemistry
Ohio State University
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Columbus, OH 43210

412 CBEC


Group Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays, 17:00 – 19:00, Room 430 CBEC

All are welcome to attend, regardless of background, gender identity, education, ethnicity, social status, income level, etc. However, persons with strongly adverse reactions to math and/or computer code are warned in advance that the PI assumes no responsibility for traumatic experiences induced by complicated equations or by C++.

Spring 2017
Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 18 Ying research (real-time Kohn-Sham)
Jan. 25 Kuan-Yu literature
Feb. 1 Marc research (solvation models)
Feb. 8 Saswata literature
Feb. 15 Kuan-Yu research (many-body expansion)
Feb. 22 none
Mar. 1 Adrian research (exciton model)
Mar. 8 Ying literature
Mar. 15 Adrian literature
Mar. 22 Marc literature
Mar. 29 Saswata research (Raman spectroscopy)
Apr. 5 Suranjan literature
Apr. 12 Bhaskar literature
Apr. 19 Kevin literature

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