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Herbert Group Members

JMH Research Group, March 2019

JMH group photo

Left to right:
Bushra Alam, Kuan-Yu Liu, Paige Bowling, Saswata Dasgupta, Prof. John Herbert, Caleb Wagner, Autumn Schultz, Kevin Fenk, Bhaskar Rana, Andrew Rossi, Suranjan Paul, Ying Zhu

Previous Group Photos

Current group members (Spring 2019)
John Herbert photo
Prof. Dr. John Herbert
Dear Leader
(since 2006)

Kuan-Yu Liu
grad student
(since 2013)

Ying Zhu
grad student
(since 2014)

Saswata Dasgupta
grad student
(since 2014)

Kevin Fenk
grad student
(since 2016)

Suranjan Paul
grad student
(since 2016)

Bhaskar Rana
grad student
(since 2016)

Bushra Alam
grad student
(since 2017)

Andrew Rossi
(since 2019)

Caleb Wagner
(since 2019)

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Former Group Members

Former Postdocs

Former Graduate Students

Former Undergraduate Students

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