Arts & Sciences 1138.03: Freshman Seminar
The Wave Nature of the Universe

Reading Assignments
The readings listed below will be discussed during lecture of the week indicated. The readings should therefore be completed prior to the lecture of the week indicated.

Wk Reading
1 No class
2 Course Handout
3 Holiday - No class
4 Reality vs Perception
5 Human Visual System
6 Depth Perception
7 General Properties of Waves
8 Interference I
Diffraction I
9 Interference II
Diffraction II
10 Coherence and Stability  
12 A Grim Reckoning by J.R. Gott III, New Scientist, Nov. 15, 1997
13 How to Predict Everything by T. Ferris, The New Yorker, Jul. 12, 1999
15 Holography