We wish to thank all of our sponsors who make the symposium possible by continuing to subsidize costs associated with the Symposium.  We would like to thank the Army Office of Research, The Ohio State University Chemistry and Physics Departments, and  College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 

We wish to thank our corporate sponsors, Spectra Physics, who sponsors the coffee and doughnuts all week and Quantronix Lasers for subsidizing the cost of the picnic for graduate students.  We would also like to thank the Coblentz Society for providing beer and appetizers during the picnic on Wednesday.

We would also like to thank our contributing sponsors, ELS Elektronik Laser System, Harter-Soft, Inc., Lambda Physik, and Princeton Instruments.  These sponsors support a reception that honors the invited speakers and session chairs.

Finally we would like to thank our other sponsors, Andor-Tech, Bruker Optics, Coherent, LINOS Photonics, Microtech, and Newport as well as Canadian Journal of Chemistry, ICON Isotopes, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), and Academic Press, who supported the lecture by Kentarou Kawaguchi.

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Spectra Physics

Quantronix Lasers

The Coblentz Society

LINOS Photonics

Bruker Optics

Princeton Instruments


Donuts provided by Buckeye Donuts, sponsored by Spectra Physics

Coffee provided by Buckeye Donuts, sponsored by Spectra Physics

Harter-Soft, Inc.




Academic Press

Lambda Physik

ELS Elektronik Laser System

Last Updated July 22, 2004