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Undergraduate Mentorship

The lab supports undergraduate research mentorship opportunities. We admit new students at the start of each semester. Students working in the lab are assigned to a particular research project, and are involved in a variety of research activities such as recruiting subjects, maintaining a participant database, running studies with children or adults, interacting with parents and children, and data management. Additional research opportunities are available to students who make a greater commitment to the lab and demonstrate responsibility as a member of the lab. We encourage undergraduates to be actively involved in the intellectual life of the lab, and to that end we have a journal club and lab meeting. To see if the lab would be a good fit for your research interests, please read about our current research and check out our recent publications before applying.

Requirements for students to take 4998 research credits

  • GPA: 3.0
  • Rank: at least a second semester freshman
  • Commitment: at least 2 semesters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Psychology 4998?
    You will be doing hands-on work with professors, graduate students, and other undergraduate students on research projects.
  • What are the pre-requisites for Psychology 4998?
    Permission of the instructor. Check out the lab websites for specific requirements for each lab.
  • Is Psychology 4998 required for the Psychology major?
    It is not required for the Psychology major, but we strongly recommend that students get involved in research (take Psychology 4998), especially if they are interested in pursuing research-based graduate programs (e.g., Ph.D.) in psychology.
  • When should I take Psychology 4998?
    It is available throughout the year, including summer. However, some projects are only available during certain terms. Students interested in gaining a strong research background should begin taking Psychology 4998 as soon as possible after completing Psychology 1100.
  • How many credit hours is Psychology 4998?
    Credit hours are variable depending on the nature of the project and the time commitment of students. A maximum of 3 hours of Psychology 4998 can be applied towards the Psychology major. However, students can take additional hours of Psychology 4998 towards their overall general (non-psychology) electives. Typically, students take 2 to 4 credit hours of Psychology 4998 per semester.
  • How much time will I need to commit to Psychology 4998?
    You are expected to commit approximately 3 hours per week in the lab for every credit hour you earn for Psychology 4998. For example, taking Psychology 4998 for 3 credit hours will mean that you are expected to devote approximately 9 hours per week to the project.
  • How do I find out about the research projects being offered?
    • Check out current psychology labs.
    • Listen in class for any announcements about Psychology 4998 and look for any posted flyers in the Psychology Building and Lazenby Hall.
    • Visit your professors during Office Hours to talk more extensively about their research (after checking out their lab website) and express an interest in getting involved.
    • Attend talks by faculty to learn more about their research (e.g., Psychology Enrichment Program).