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Stuart Raby

Background info...

A little additional information:
  • Born: Bronx NY, May 18, 1947.
  • Children & spouse: Eric & Umi Raby , Liat & Abner Johnson.
  • Grandchildren: Bryan, Isaiah & Hana



    Here is a little more information:

    Publication List (INSPIRE-HEP)

    Gauge Coupling Unification & SUSY GUTs (Phys Rev D24, 1681 (1981) in PDF format)

    "Unification of Couplings" (Physics Today, Oct. (1991) in PDF format)

    "Grand Unified Theories" (Particle Data Group review article in PDF format)

    "Desperately Seeking Supersymmetry [SUSY]" (Reports on Prog. in Phys. in PDF format)

    "Searching for the Standard Model in the String Landscape : SUSY GUTs" (Reports on Prog. in Phys. in PDF format)

    Constructing Orbifold GUTs from the Heterotic String (talk given at Unification Day workshop, Keystone, CO in PDF format)

    "Puzzle of Charge and Mass" (colloquium in ppsx format)

    "Grand Unified Theories" (World Summit 2006 in PDF format)

    "SUSY GUT Model Building" (Euro Phys Jour C in PDF format)

    Check out my new book -- Springer : Lecture Notes in Physics - Now available directly from Springer or on Amazon.

    "Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories : From Quarks to Strings via SUSY GUTs"