the BETHA project

For a few years around 1995, students and faculty* of the Chemistry Department and ACCAD (Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design) collaborated to develop an on-line chemical education resource. The effort was funded by BETHA (Battelle Endowment for Technology in Human Affairs). The resource was favorably reviewed in Journal of Chemical Education, 77, p.299 (2000).

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The resources include a not-too-serious introduction to chemical equation balancing in which students must balance chemical equations to solve a murder mystery.

The gas laws tutorial provides background on the physical motivation of the gas laws and techniques of problem solving. Images from interactive resources are shown below.

The quantum mechanics tutorial covers the fundamental physical concepts of quantum theory. It features an interactive java applet in which motion of a particle of variable mass and energy can be simulated. In this activity, the student can visualize the difference between classical and quantum motion, and see how the two limits are connected.
*BETHA project participants

ACCAD Chemistry
Heath Hanlin Weldon Mathews
Midori Kitagawa-DeLeon George McBane
Zil Lilas Sherwin J. Singer
D. Neal McDonald Anna Timasheva