Fall 2015 Schedule

Meetings are alternate Tuesdays from 12:40--1:35 in CH 212

(Note the weeks we do not meet, the Spatial Statistics reading group meets Mondays 12:40--1:35 in CH 212. Members of our group are welcome to attend)

Date Speaker Paper/Topic

September 22nd Po-Hsu Chen Introduction/Overview Slides

October 6th Sophie (Huong) Nguyen Optimal network design for spatial prediction, covariance parameter estimation, and empirical prediction

October 20th Xiaofei Zhou Kernel Approximation: From Regression to Interpolation

November 3rd Dr. Chkrebtii A statistical overview and perspectives on data assimilation for marine biogeochemical models    Slides

November 12th Guest Speaker: Dr. Mike Dowd, Dalhousie University Reference

November 17th Po-Hsu Chen Multiobjective optimization of expensive-to-evaluate deterministic computer simulator models

December 1st Dr. Shan Ba
The Procter & Gamble Company
Marquardt Memorial ISP Guest Speaker

Competitive Advantage of Computer Experiments in Industry: A P&G Perspective

The implementation of computer experiments is a competitive advantage in business environments where fast and cost effective product development is critical. In many industrial applications computer experiments are replacing physical experiments because the physical creation and testing of prototypes is very prohibitive in terms of time and cost. Computer experiments typically involve complex systems with numerous input variables. A primary goal with computer experiments is to develop a metamodel - a good empirical approximation to the original complex computer model - which provides an easier and faster approach to sensitivity analysis, prediction and optimization. This talk will cover real industry applications in design and modeling of computer experiments and also in computer model calibration.

Optimal Sliced Latin Hypercube Designs
Maximum projection designs for computer experiments

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