Wu Lab

These are wild type S. pombe cells imaged using differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy.

A cell expressing GFP-CHD (Calponin Homology Domain of IQGAP Rng2p) showing that the contractile actin ring assembles at the cleavage furrow from a meshwork of actin filaments.  The bright spots are actin patches involved in endocytosis.

Cytokinesis of cells expressing myosin light chain Rlc1p tagged with GFP. This film is shown as hr:min:sec.

Two representative cdc25-22 cells expressing the actin marker GFP-CHD and the spindle pole body marker Sad1p-mRFP1 showing the timing of actin filament accumulation at the division site relative to the separation of the spindle pole body (equivalent of centrosome). The real time is shown as hr:min:sec.

The 2D Monte Carlo simulation of the contractile-ring formation.  The long axis of the cell is vertical. Nodes in red and actin filaments in green.  Movie 3 of Science, 2008 at: Link

Evidence for the search, capture, pull, and release (SCPR) mechanism during node condensation into a contractile ring.  Actin filaments associate with a lagging node as it moves towards the contractile ring during the late stages of node condensation into a contractile ring in cells expressing GFP-CHD and Rlc1p-tdTomato.