Wu Lab

These are wild type S. pombe cells imaged using differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy.

Actin filaments connect myosin nodes together to form a network during contractile-ring formation in cells expressing GFP-CHD(Calponin Homology Domain of IQGAP Rng2p) and myosin light chain Rlc1p-mRFP1.

A cell expressing GFP-CHD (Calponin Homology Domain of IQGAP Rng2p) showing that the contractile actin ring assembles at the cleavage furrow from a meshwork of actin filaments. The bright spots are actin patches involved in endocytosis.

The 2D Monte Carlo simulation of the contractile-ring formation.  The long axis of the cell is vertical. Nodes in red and actin filaments in green.   Movie 3 of Science, 2008 at: Link

Evidence for the search, capture, pull, and release (SCPR) mechanism during node condensation into a contractile ring.  Actin filaments associate with a lagging node as it moves towards the contractile ring during the late stages of node condensation into a contractile ring in cells expressing GFP-CHD and Rlc1p-tdTomato.

The assembly of the contractile ring in fission yeast cells expressing GFP-tagged Myo2p and a Spindle Pole Body (SPB, an equivalent of the centrosome) marker Sad1p-GFP. The small dots are Myo2p nodes and the bright spots are SPBs.