Katherine M. Goldman
I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University studying Geometric Group Theory with Jingyin Huang and Mike Davis.

Starting in July 2024, I will be an NSF postdoctoral fellow at McGill University.
Research interests Coxeter groups, Artin groups, complex reflection groups, negative curvature of cell complexes (esp. relating to the aforementioned groups).
CV Found here
  1. CAT(0) and cubulated Shephard groups (Oct 2023; preprint)   pdf   arXiv
  2. Simplicial pseudohyperplane arrangements give weak Garside groups (Oct 2023; preprint)   pdf   arXiv
  3. The K(π,1) conjecture and acylindrical hyperbolicity for relatively extra-large Artin groups (Nov 2021; Algebraic and Geometric Topology (to appear))   pdf   arXiv
  1. The CAT(0) cube complex associated to a Euclidean Coxeter group (in preparation)
  2. Buildings for generalized braid groups, an english translation of P. Deligne's "Les immeubles des groupes de tresses généralisés"   pdf
  3. OSU minicourse on nonpositive curvature, complexes of groups, Artin groups, and Coxeter groups (incomplete)   pdf
Teaching Ohio State
  • Fall 2022: Math 1130, College Algebra for Business (TA)
  • Spring 2022: Math 1152, Calculus II (flipped and flexible) (TA)
  • Fall 2021: Math 1151, Calculus I (TA)
Contact (lastname).224(at) osu (dot)edu, or
kat (at) goldmanmath (dot) com
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