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John Herbert research group

Improved algorithms for ab initio molecular dynamics

ELMD equations of motion
Equations of motion for extended-
Lagrangian ab initio molecular dynamics.


Efficient algorithms developed in our group are expanding the frontiers of ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulations, in which on-the-fly quantum chemistry (i.e., a quantum-mechanical treatment of the electrons) is used to calculate the forces required for a classical molecular dynamics simulation, thus obviating the need for parametrized force fields. This is especially important for unusual or reactive species (such as the hydrated electron and other aqueous radicals), for which it is extremely difficult to construct accurate force fields. Improvements to the efficiency of AIMD algorithms translate directly into longer simulation time scales and larger system sizes, for a fixed quantity of computer resources. Our Fock matrix extrapolation algorithm is amongst the preferred ways to accelerate AIMD.

Representative Publications

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