Modern Optics

Douglass Schumacher
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Physics 570
MW @ 2:30 - 4:18
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Text: Principles of Physical Optics by C.A. Bennett

Grader: J. Liu

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March 26. Room change: We're now meeting in 0134A Baker Systems.
                  Office hours: WF, 4:30 to 5:30 and by appointment.
April 24.    Practice problems for the midterm.
April 27.    Solution to the practice problems.
May 7.      Solution to the midterm.
June 4.      Solution to midterm 2.
June 4.      The public site for this course is done for 2012.

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Lecture notes

I won't regularly post notes but, when I do, they'll go here.

Lecture Notes    
4/9 p20, Fresnel Equations    
4/11 p30, Fresnel Equations - mostly figures    
4/16 Some pictures on TIR    
5/7 Aberrations. With modifications from those handed out in lecture.    
5/7 Interference review    
5/9 Quasi-monochromatic fields    
5/16 Group Velocity, Michelson Interferometer, the Etalon    
5/21 Multilayer coatings    

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Homework (solutions on Carmen)

#7 The Schott Glass Data Sheets (pdf)
The Schott Design Tools Web Site
#9 Hints and help

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Applets and Links From Various Sites

Concepts treated in class

Fermat's Principle Illustrated for reflection and refraction.
Physlets Optics Physlets are physics applets. Good ones for our class are the virtual optics bench, thin films, and polarization. More are available here Try them.
Fourier Synthesis Uses your speakers so you can hear the result.
Group velocity and phase velocity Simple illustration of how a wave looks when differing speeds are used. Try it at the highest frequency and follow the motion near the node in the envelope function.
Group Velocity Demonstration Allows you to superpose two arbitrary waves specified using C-like syntax.
Subluminal Illustrates how a pulse can appear to propagate faster than light. (The author should have named it "superluminal" I suppose.) I like this one.

Chip Durfee teaches a laser course with some great optics links. I've copied them here.

Java Optics  
Fabry-Perot demonstration  
Diffraction by slits  
Propagating waves  

Great Links

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center (OMRC) Excellent tutorials on many subjects relevant to our class, including both articles and interactive components.
OMRC - Lenses See especially the sections on aberrations. Many of the lecture figures were taken from here.
OMRC - Vision I don't cover this much, but only because of time limits. I enjoy learning about the physiology and neuralogy of vision more than the physics.

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General Links (under construction...)

Societies Journals Articles
For the


OSA -- Optical Society of America
IEEE -- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
SPIE -- The International Society for Optical Engineering

Journals (for the topics covered in class, my favorites are Optics Letters, JOSA B, and IEEE JQE)

OSA Online Journals   Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Express, and Optics Letters.
IEEE Journal Of Quantum Electronics
Optics and Photonics News
Laser Focus World
The Industrial Physicist (American Institute of Physics) often has articles of importance to lasers and optics.

This is a new section. I'll place a few, selected articles that might help the student who is looking for the next step beyond class.

Science magazine has a special issue on coherence. See it here.

Laser Tutorials

Rami Arieli - The Laser Adventure - extensive, with discussion of a variety of applications.

For The Hobbyist (yes, there is a large community that enjoys building its own lasers)

The Homebuilt Lasers Page
The Laser, Optics and Holography Ring