Spring 2018 Schedule

Meetings are Mondays from 3:00--4:00pm in CH 212 except the week of March 26th, when we will instead meet on Thursday March 29th at 1pm in CH212.

Date Speaker Paper/Topic

February 5th Tom Santner Challenges in Designing and Using Simulator Experiments in Biomechanics and Biomaterials Research

February 12th Oksana Chkrebtii & Denielle Ricciardi Bayesian Calibration of Computer Models


February 19th Jared Huling Incorporating Derivative Information in Emulators

February 26th Matt Pratola Bayesian Calibration of Multistate Stochastic Simulators


March 3rd James Matuk Bayesian Calibration of Inexact Computer Models


March 19th Angela Dean Experimental Design for Prediction in the Calibration Setting

Reference 2

March 29th Akira Horiguchi Efficient space-filling and non-collapsing sequential design strategies for simulation-based modeling


April 2nd Jordan Melendez Constructing and Testing UQ Models in Nuclear Physics

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