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The end of the firewall story?

The black hole information paradox: an overview

Quantum mechanics: A mini-course

Fuzzballs, Firewalls and all that ...

An explanation of what how the information paradox is solved by the fuzzball paradigm, what the firewall claim is, and how the firewall argument is bypassed by the idea of fuzzball complementarity

The black information paradox : a pedagogical blog

Preparing for the Physics GRE

7502: Graduate Quantum Mechanics - II

Notes for earlier courses

Confusions about fuzzballs and the information paradox (2011)

Here we discuss several common confusions about what the black hole paradox really is, what is needed to solve it, and what does and does not constitute a valid solution. We also discuss how the fuzzball construction resolves the paradox, and some common questions about the cosntruction.

Fuzzballs and the information paradox (2007)

Fuzzballs: Here is a list of questions that I have often encountered about the fuzzball paradigm of black holes. The link below will download a pdf file that is approximately 35 pages long, and has a table of contents that can be clicked on to go to various questions. This file is very much `under construction'. In particular references remain to be added, and some references have not been linked to their correct places in the text. If there are any questions or issues that you would like to raise about fuzzballs, please send me an e-mail at I will try to point you to a place in the file where the question is addressed, or if I have something useful to say about it then I will add a comment to the file.

The black hole information paradox: Intensive course at SISSA

An interesting blog on Science, Biology and Life

Cirriculum Vitae

GIAN lectures on the black hole information paradox

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