Instructor: Samir D. Mathur (Office: M2026 Physics Research Building)

Time: Spring 2007, Mon-Wed 9.30-11.18, in Smith Seminar Room, Physics Research Building

Text: Becker, Becker, Schwarz : String theory and M theory (Cambridge)

The classical string

Solving for the string motion
Virasoro algebra (updated)
Understanding the Hilbert space (plus exercises, updated)
Quantizing the open string (updated)
The light cone gauge
The transfer matrix (updated)
Some CFT tools (updated)
Fermions (updated)
The 1-loop path integral (updated)

There are two exercises at the end of the notes. These are to be done and submitted by Friday April 4.

The Veneziano amplitude (updated)

The superstring (updated)

Note: There will be class Friday April 18 ... there will be no class Monday April 21.

Notes on general Relativity and String theory:

The idea behind General Relativity

Metric and connection

Geodesics and curvature

Einstein equations

The Energy-Momentum tensor

Cosmological expansion

The metric for branes in string theory

Varying the determinant of the metric

The Bianchi identity

Dimensonal reduction: linear analysis

Nonlinear reduction, scaling the metric, T-duality

Dimensional reduction with nonzero gauge field

The KK monopole and the D6 brane of string theory

The metric of massless particles the D0 brane of string theory

Electric-magnetic duality

T and S dualities, and the brane content of string theory

Duality Chasing

Fixing the constants in string theory


Notes on fields

Notes on Fields

Notes on field theory

Notes for Classical Mechanics 821

The virial theorem


Small oscillations

Poisson brackets

Hamilton-Jacobi equation

Green's functions