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The Albert Ballin Album: 1919 -- 1965

This album was presumably purchased by Berta Palmer on her 1934 trip to Germany, on the Albert Ballin, with her first son Alfred, then a toddler. The Albert Ballin was named after the managing director of the Hamburg- America Line, the largest  merchant fleet in the world prior to WW I, carrying many Germans to a new life in the US.  

The Albert Ballin Album

Background and Family History

1919 -- 1934  The EarlyYears of Berta and Christian Palmer:
  Aftermath of WW I, Emigration, Marriage, Starting a Family in the Bronx

1934 Berta's Trip Back to Geradstettn with her son Alfred

1935 -- 1940  The Family Expands in the Years Leading to WW II,
Life in Maspeth and Ridgewood

1940 -- 1948  The War Years, A Move to Forest Hills, Boys Gowing Up

1949 -- 1950  Berta's Second Trip Back to Geradstetten, Boy Scouts,
and a High School Graduate

1953 -- 1954  Christian Takes his First Trip back to Geradstetten
since the 1920s, another High School Graduate, and a Soldier to Boot

1955 -- 1965  U.S. Navy Returns William to his Roots in Geradstetten,
and the Era of Collecting Black and White Photos for the Albert Ballin Album Ends