PHYSICS 7501:   Quantum Mechanics

Instructor: Samir D. Mathur (Office: M2026 Physics Research Building)

Fall 2018: M-W-F, 11.30-12.25 am, Scott 050

Grader: Bin Guo


Solutions to Text problems from the web These solutions have been posted online, but not be anyone connected to the course. You may use them for a cross check after you have solved the problems yourself, but in case of any errors in these solutions, you are still responsible for supplying the correct answer.

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Week 1:

Assignment 1

Week 2:

There will be a 15 minute quiz in Friday Aug 31, with questions similar to that on HW 1.

Assignment 2

Quiz 1 solutions

Week 3:

Quiz 2 solutions

Assignment 3

An interesting article on group velocities

Week 4:

There will be a 15 minute quiz in Monday Sep 24, with questions similar to HW questions from Chapter 3.

Assignment 4

Quiz 3 solutions

Week 5:

Assignment 5


The first midterm will be held in class on Friday Oct 5. The material will be whatever we will have covered from Chapters 1-4.

Week 6:

Assignment 6


There will be no class on Wed Oct 10.

Test 1 solutions

Week 7:

Assignment 7

Week 8

There will be a 15 minute quiz in Wednesday Oct 31. The material will be chapter 5.


The second midterm will be held in class on Wednesday Nov 7. The material will be tunneling and the harmonic oscillator from chapter 4, and all the material from chapters 5 and 6.

Assignment 8

Quiz 4 solutions

Week 9

Assignment 9

Midterm 2 solutions

Week 10

Announcement: The final exam will be in McPherson 1035 on Wed Dec 5, from 5.00 pm t0 7.00 pm. The exam will cover chapter 7 and whatever we would have finished from chapter 10.

Week 11

Assignment 10

Some brief notes on angular momentum

The grade distribution will be: HW 10%, Quizzes 25% (lowest quiz grade to be dropped), Midterms 20 percent each, Final 25%