Huanxing Yang


Ph.D.  University of Pennsylvania (2004)


Associate Professor

Department of Economics

The Ohio State University


Curriculum Vitae


Office:  448 Arps Hall

Phone:  614-292-6523



I no longer update this webpage. Please see my Google Sites Webpage.



                 Research Interests


     Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Game Theory




      Publications and Forthcoming Papers


Competitive Cheap Talk,” with Zhuozheng Li and Heikki Rantakari, Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 96, 65-89


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Web Appendix 


                 Competitive Optimal Taxation and Constitutional Choices,” with Massimo Morelli and Lixin Ye, American

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      Working Papers



             Communication and the Optimality of Hierarchies in Organizations,” 

          with Lan Zhang, May, 2017; Online Appendix


                 Collaborative Networks in Oligopoly with Asymmetric Firms,” March,



             Targeted Search with Horizontal Differentiation in the Marriage Market,”

        with Yujing Xu, October, 2016


               Cheap Talk in a Coordination Game with Incomplete Information,” with           

       Zhuozheng Li and Lan Zhang, June, 2016



      Targeted Search, Endogenous Market Segmentation, and Wage Inequality,” December 2015



      Targeted Advertising on Competing Platforms,” with Siqi Pan, January 2014



      Firm Size, Strategic Communication, and Organization,” December, 2012



      An Economic Theory of Grade Inflation,” with Chun Seng Yip, November 2002.



               Econ 818: Information Economics

                 Econ 871: Industrial Organization (theoretical)

                 Econ 501: Intermediate Microeconomics

                 Econ 601: Game Theory