In this page you may see how my research is going so far (papers, books, other texts, etc.).


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  1. Killing fields on compact pseudo-Kähler manifolds (with A. Derdzinski), 7 pages. To appear in Journal of Geometric Analysis.
  2. Codazzi tensor fields in reductive homogeneous spaces (with J. Marshall Reber), 12 pages. To appear in Results in Mathematics - Resultate der Mathematik.
  3. Compact locally homogeneous manifolds with parallel Weyl tensor (with A. Derdzinski), 15 pages. To appear in Advances in Geometry.
  4. The metric structure of compact rank-one ECS manifolds (with A. Derdzinski), Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, vol. 64 (2023), no. 4, 24.
  5. Rank-one ECS manifolds of dilational type (with A. Derdzinski), 26 pages, Portugaliae Mathematica (published online: Oct. 24, 2023).
  6. Conformal flatness of compact three-dimensional Cotton-parallel manifolds, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 152 (2024), no. 2, pp. 797--800.
  7. The topology of compact rank-one ECS manifolds (with A. Derdzinski), Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, vol. 66 (2023), no. 3, pp. 789-809.
  8. New examples of compact Weyl-parallel manifolds (with A. Derdzinski), 13 pages, Monatshefte für Mathematik (published online, Sep. 27, 2023).


  1. Introduction to Lorentz Geometry: Curves and Surfaces (with A. Lymberopoulos), Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2021. ix+340 pp. Book cover displayed on the left.
  2. Introdução à Geometria Lorentziana: Curvas e Superfícies (with A. Lymberopoulos), Brazilian Mathematical Society, Universitary Texts Collection, vol. 21, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2018. 546 pp.
    In Portuguese. We have a support page for the book.

Scientific dissemination and other texts

  1. Mergulhos Clássicos de Variedades Grassmannianas: uma visão geral, Revista Matemática Universitária, vol. 1 (2021), pp. 1-14. (In Portuguese.)
  2. Topics in Lorentz Geometry, e-print arXiv:1908.01710, 2019.
  3. Usando Geometria Diferencial para classificar trajetórias de fótons na Relatividade Especial, Acta Legalicus (ICMC-USP), no. 14 (2018), 14 pp. (In Portuguese.)

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